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Hazel Bird Nature Reserve Enhancement


Located in Northumberland County, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Hazel Bird Nature Reserve is a national nature viewing and public recreation destination. The property is named in memorial of Hazel Bird, a local naturalist and educator who helped in the recovery of the Eastern Bluebird.

The reserve conserves tallgrass prairie, sand barren, oak savanna, and oak woodland communities while providing significant habitat for grassland birds.

Since the property was purchased, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has been continually expanding and enhancing the grassland and savanna habitat that dominates the southern half of the property.

The grassland enhancement project area lies within the Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, and is being managed over the long term for the benefit of grassland birds and biodiversity in general.

Stewardship work to restore and enhance grassland habitats on this property will include prescribed burns, native seeding and plantings, and removal of non-native woody and herbaceous species.

All photos by Chelsea Marcantonio of the Nature Conservancy of Canada

A big tree in the distance, with a blue cloudy sky above

9 ha

Grassland Habitat Enhancement

Removal of non-native woody and herbaceous species, seeding, prescribed burns.

More Images

Three blue eggs in a nest surrounded by greenery
Closeup of a caterpillar upside down on a leaf of a plant
Three people walking in a grassy environment
A closeup of orange flowers with a field of green in the background
A closeup of a single, coral colored wheat in front of a field of others
Two people under large tree
A closeup of a group of sunflowers
Closeup of pink flowers in a field
Closeup of field with wheat

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