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Engaging with partners to create, maintain, and enhance Ontario's grassland ecosystems.

Why Grasslands

Grasslands mitigate the effects of climate change while also providing habitat for species at risk, improving pollinator health, and supporting biodiversity.

↳ Photo by: Alfonso Jr.

Grasslands provide habitat for species at risk

As grassland habitats disappear due to land conversion, so do the species that rely upon these ecosystems for their survival. In fact, some of Ontario’s grassland species are listed as Species at Risk, with grassland bird populations in particular experiencing a sharp decline over the past decade.

Did you know?

The ideal habitats for the threatened Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark bird species are large, open grasslands. As grassland habitat continues to decline, so do Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark population numbers.

↳ Photo by: Vladeb

Grasslands support biodiversity

Of all the ecological services provided by grasslands, biological diversity is the most paramount. A range of species depend on the habitat, shelter, food, nesting opportunities, migration stopover areas, and winter cover found in grassland ecosystems.

Did you know?

Tallgrass prairies are one of North America’s most diverse and productive types of ecosystem. They are also Ontario’s most threatened type of ecosystem.

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Grasslands foster pollinator health

Pollinator species such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds depend upon a steady supply of pollen and nectar. Grassland plants provide these food sources, in addition to shelter and nesting habitat.

Did you know?

In many cases in Ontario, grassland habitats have been fragmented. A lack of continuous, suitable habitat impacts pollinator species health.

↳ Photo by: Patty O’Hearn Kickham

Problems Facing Ontario’s Grasslands

Changes in land use have led to a significant decline in grassland environments across Ontario, threatening the benefits which these ecosystems provide.

When we create, maintain, and enhance Ontario grasslands, we support the provision of a wide array of benefits to grassland species, as well as other ecosystem services.

But it’s not always as easy as planting – grassland habitats require active management to maintain their suitability for grassland species.

Who We Are

Grasslands Ontario, a division of not-for-profit organization Forests Ontario, provides awareness and support towards creation, enhancement, and maintenance of grassland habitat.



The creation of a minimum of 4 hectares with a minimum width of 200 meters by planting, seeding or restoring land that currently has no or little value to habitat development.



Where good or moderate quality grassland habitat exists, and active management is undertaken every 4 years or less to improve grassland habitat quality.



Where suitable high-quality grassland habitat exists and activities such as grazing, harvesting, burning or cutting are managed to benefit grassland birds.

Register as a Landowner

Please provide us with your contact information and some details about the property where you are interested in grassland restoration actions. Once the form is submitted a representative of Forests Ontario will review it, and you will be contacted by a planting agency or representative of Forests Ontario.

If you have completed this questionnaire previously, or if grassland restoration actions have been recently implemented on your property by a GSI Delivery Agent, there is no need to resubmit this questionnaire. Please contact your GSI Delivery Agent directly for information about future plantings or Grasslands Ontario for general inquiries.

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Case Studies


Hazel Bird Nature Reserve Enhancement

The Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, a national nature destination, has been the site of ongoing grasslands restoration. Working with Grasslands Ontario, The Nature Conservancy of Canada is continuing this work, ensuring a minimum of 11 hectares of enhanced grassland habitat for birds.

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Grassland habitats provide a variety of ecosystem goods and services, and play an important role in supporting a healthy environment. Check out our resources about the values of grasslands.

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